Amazon facilitates the cloud for government agencies{Comments Off on Amazon facilitates the cloud for government agencies}

by Edwin T
The article i chose included Amazon’s Web Services, specifically Amazon GovCloud, which is a tool aimed at giving government agencies the means to move information into the cloud.  One of the advantages of GovCloud is compliance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations which requires that data be accessed within the United States.  This was an issue holding government agencies from moving into the cloud.  NASA is currently among one of the many agencies taking advantage of GovCloud, and that’s because GovCloud supports security controls such as FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act).  “Today, over 100 government agencies are taking advantage of AWS and we’re excited to continue working with agencies as they implement the Federal Cloud First policy to become more efficient, agile, and innovative through more effective use of technology infrastructure,” vice president of AWS global public sector Teresa Carlson said. “AWS is the next step in that evolution.”

While it’s true that using the cloud benefits organizations by reducing the amount of backups, the cost of maintenance, and the storage of servers.  There are also detriments that come with the benefits of cloud computing.  Using the cloud is simple and it reduces the need for specialized individuals to manage the information that goes into it.  Companies such as Google and Amazon that are offering cloud services to the world will likely cause a reduction of jobs in the database field.

Personally I enjoyed and found this article to be very informative regarding the cloud and how government agencies are beginning to take advantage of the services provided by Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, among many others.  It’s a very good sign that databases are not dead, just being improved upon.  The cloud is efficient, easy to use, and cost effective, in a couple of years many if not all the major players will be taking advantage of this technology.

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