Amazon Kindle Fire with Cloud technology{3}

by Kyaw T

Amazon announced that it new tablet called Kindle Fire will come with the price of $199 and it only have 8 GB internal storage and no 3G.  Having only 8GB internal storage, it seems that kindle fire is already lost to the other tablet that already out because 16GB is the current standard for today tablet world. Is Amazon kindle fire already lost before it come out? Well, it can’t be happen since it will be the latest tablet that produced. According to the Amazon, kindle fire’s users can store all content that they buy from Amazon is already store on Amazon’s cloud servers. It mean that user can delete and redownload it at any time. For example, if you start watching a video on your tablet, you can later resume from the same spot on your TV – provided your TV is supported, of course. Amazon’s servers also help power the tablet’s new web browser, Amazon Silk. When you access a complex website on the tablet, certain elements are loaded in Amazon’s cloud before being pushed to your device. Most Web browsers today work like this: A laptop connects directly to a website’s server, and the laptop does the computing work to load the page. With the tablet’s new web browser called “Amazon Silk’, the company will provide user as a middle man. For example, when a tablet user visit to a website, Amazon cloud computer will do every works that needed to load and only the information that needed come back to the tablet. Amazon also claims this will lead to faster load times and prolong battery life. Amazon’s browser will also take the additional step of using machine learning to pre-cache websites – for example, if most visitors to click the leading story, it will load that page in the background. This technology, which the company said helps cut tablet-manufacturing costs, could give the retailer’s just-introduced Kindle Fire device an edge over competing products such as Apple’s iPad.

Reaction/ point of view

In my opinion, Amazon made a pretty amazing tablet with the use of their cloud servers. I believe that kindle fire have advantage over the iPad2 and other tablets that already exited because of the technology called cloud computing. It amazing that users can watch video on the tablet on steaming or download while they are online and watch those movies on the tablet while they cannot use  the internet. Users can delete these movies when they already watched and can re-download whenever they want. Also with the Amazon silk, everything that need to load the page is already done by the cloud sever. So, it will be faster to find something that you need on the tablet. I personally think kindle fire will be a very good tablet with the support of Amazon’s cloud technology.

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