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by Asbed P
Amazon Web Services, which is the part of that does the hosting and the cloud services, has announced the launch of a new server in the US West Region, in Oregon, with a new low price.  Starting Wednesday November 23, 2011, people can choose to locate their Amazon Web Services resources in the Oregon Region, which contains “multiple redundant Availability Zones for architecturing highly available applications” much like all their other AWS Regions.  Oregon will be the second US West location, the first being the Northern California servers, that will provide businesses a low cost, low latency option for everyone.  Amazon’s plan is to continuously lower its own costs so that they can end up passing those savings onto their customers in the form of these lower priced US West Region servers.  “Since the launch of AWS over five years ago, we’ve lowered our prices over a dozen times,” is a quote from Senior Vice President Andy Jassy showing the type of attitude they have about lowering prices for everyone.  US West Oregon is the fourth Region in the US and the seventh total AWS infrastructure Region in world.  It is also priced at about 10 percent lower than the US West N California Region and has the same price as the US East N Virginia Region.

I have been a fan of amazon for a long long time now.  They seem like a company that knows what it’s doing no matter what product or service is involved.  Amazon web services has been around for over 5 years and is continuously growing.  It is also always adding new features and updates over time.  The fact that they can do all this and still upgrade their systems while at the same time reducing costs 12 times in 5 years shows that they are doing it right.  The best part is they pass those saving on to their customers.  This is why Amazon is popular.  This is why Amazon will be around for a while.  Now that they have 2 servers in the western US means more people will have easier and cheaper access to their services making everyone, including Amazon, happy., inc.; amazon web services announces new lower priced US west region oregon. (2011). Electronics Business Journal, , 210. Retrieved from