Amazon’s New Database Service{5}

by Abubaker D
My article is talking about Amazon’s new database service. The database service is called DynamoDB, which is speedy and scalable, designed for web applications. The article goes on saying that DynamoDB addresses the needs of todays web based apps, which often face challenges with increase in traffic, users, and data. DynamoDB gives the users the database capacity they need, and allows them to ramp up that capacity as needed without requiring any special skills, administration, new equipment or software. CTO of Amazon Werner Vogels said “The service automatically spreads data and traffic across multiple servers to meet the capacity requirements as requested by a customer. Amazon uses Solid State Drives (SSDs) to store data, enhancing performance.” Through the AWS management console, users can create a new Amazon DynamDB database table and can scale capacity up or down without taking the database offline. Other features in DynamoDB can include built-in fault tolerance: automatically replicated data; cryptographic security methods; integration with Amazon CloudWatch; as well as integration with Amazon Elastic MapReduce, which allows business to perform analytics of large datasets. That’s pretty much it for the article, it’s really informative.

This article is related to class because it’s talking about a database service on the web server. It’s helpful for students to know about this service because a lot of you guys use Amazon’s services and you might be interested in storing some data in your account.

This article was really interesting because the service was only released a month ago. We get to see a live example of a company like amazon that just came up with database service. We studied it and we understand what’s going on. We also studied web servers and cloud services. So this online database service is also a cloud service. It’s interesting to see how all these technologies relating to each other.

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