Amazon’s SimpleDB vs. Google’s Bigtable{2}

by Ronny W
As technology grows each day, there are more and more people that are connected with the world. More and more people depend on being connected with the world. “Cloud Computing can be defined as a service or a platform, or an operating system over the Internet to perform tasks. Database has become a part and parcel of life and is being used in almost every computer application” (Ramanathan, 2001). The article talks about Amazon’s SimpleDB and Google’s Bigtable. It talked about the services each provide. Also it talked about the architecture, advantages, and its limitations of these two cloud database. Overall there isn’t one that is better than the other, it all depends on the needs of the user.

To tie in this article with what we learned in the class. This article mentioned about RDBMS which is something we just worked our project on. It talked about schema which is also something we did during the forward engineering process. Query was also mentioned in this article. Query is one of those basic function a database should all have.

I agree with what the article. There isn’t a specific cloud database here that is better than the other. Each database that was mentioned in the articles have their distinct architecture, advantages and limitations. It really depends on what the user need. Finding out what each user needs will be easier to recommend either to use Amazon’s SimpleDB or Google’s Bigtable.

Ramanathan, S. (2001, December). Comparison of cloud database: Amazon’s simpledb and google’s      bigtable . Recent trends in information systems (retis), 2011 international conference.