An Online SQL Database{2}

ZohoDB is one the first online database next to ZabbleDB. It is becoming a popular database management tool, allowing users to create a database that supports any SQL format. So it doesn’t matter which format you are using to write your queries.(SQLServer, MYSQL, Oracle), ZohoDB is able to process it. However it only allows Select statements. Hopefully in the future ZohoDB will be able to handle more different type of queries. ZohoDB even offers visual queries to make it easier for users who are not accustomed to writing regular queries . ZohoDB has a similar structure to an excel spreadsheet and allows users to implement formulas into different columns and create pivot tables. One feature of ZohoDB is that  user created graphs and charts are given static URLs and can be embedded into other websites.  The article “Zoho DB Launched” by Richard MacManus covers more of these features in detail.

The reason I chose this article is because in class we spoke about document-oriented databases such as JSON and XML. However you are limited in what you can do with document-oriented databases. ZohoDB seems to be the solution by offering simplicity and functionality.


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