An Overview of MS SQL Server 2012 Integration Services{1}

by Davina V
In this article, Policht gives us an overview of SQL Server 2012 Integration.  The presentation is based on the SQL Server 2012 Release Candidate 0. The installation is straight forward. Instead of the Business Intelligence Development Studio, “Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 takes over as the primary Business Intelligence development tool”. Other than the obvious changes and a fair number of “purely cosmetic modifications, such as rounded corners of visual components… as well as new icons representing their intended purpose” there are also a wide range of new and improved features covering the following functional areas that Policht places in three categories:  usability and productivity, ‘Programmability’, and Deployment, configuration, and management.

This is useful towards my work in class, because we are still working in this area, and it would not be wise to not look at how others see this as an improvement.

It is interesting for me to look at because it is always useful to know what a program is like from a user’s prospective. A competent, proficient user’s point of view is especially appreciated.

Policht, M. (2012, February 03). Sql server 2012 integration services – overview. Retrieved from