Analyzing blogger activity{2}

by Ricardo C
In this article the authors emphasize on social media such as blogs and microblogs and how their users publish their personal activities and interest so rapidly. The authors believe that this kind of information is valuable from different viewpoints such as sociological, linguistics, and marketing. The proposition of a system for analyzing temporal changes in activities from bloggers using phrase dependency structures in sentences. The idea is to extract events that represent bloggers’ activities and then categorize the retrieved events according to the thematic roles of the noun within the events and then store these dependencies in a database. Once the database is implemented it will present a 3D visualization framework for exploring temporal changes in events related to a topic. This will enable users to compare events with different timing and/or on multiple topics.

This is a very useful system since it will provide information from the user. People add up huge knowledge to the internet especially through blogs and I think this kind of system that will categorize and sort information from blogs is a great tool to have when people are looking for changes in trend or correlating events. One of the examples used in the text is that someone will post something like “One kid got infected with the swine flu in Japan” and later on someone else post “First kid infected with swine flu in California”. I think this database will correlate this two phrases and find the dependency with their thematic roles such as location, agent, etc so the user can make a conclusion that the swine flu is spreading maybe when people travel from Japan to California or with products imported from Japan to California.

Itoh, Masahiko; Yoshinaga, Naoki; Toyoda, Masashi; Kitsuregawa, Masaru; , “Analysis and visualization of temporal changes in bloggers’ activities and interests,” Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis), 2012 IEEE , vol., no., pp.57-64, Feb. 28 2012-March 2 2012