Another Tool to Help Students Understand Data Warehousing

by Katheryn T
The article I choose to write on was about a new method of helping students learn about data warehousing better. It is a new tool from the University of California, Sacramento. Since every business is taking advantage of the data mining that is going on, there needs to be well educated people to take care of that data. This article talked about how the courseware developed will help students and beginners understand the beginning phases of data warehousing and the importance of doing it right. There are dimensional models that help students visually see what they are doing. These models can be changed for the progression of the chosen company. This tool helps students learn about their designs and how they need to change with the data.

This is very much related to what we have been discussing in class. In class we talked about how a business requires an integrated, company wide view of the information that they have. This all depends on design and how the performance of the database can help the company better itself.

I liked this article because it was done at a UC and I feel like this could one day be a part of our curriculum. The better tools we have as students, the better we are when we graduate. All this does is help us become better employees. With this level of intense understanding of data warehousing, students can call themselves something other than beginners.



Kulkarni, M., Lu, M., & Zhang, D. (2010). A Case-based Data Warehousing Courseware. Information Reuse and Integration (IRI), 2010 IEEE International Conference on, 245-248.