Another Website Hacked{1}

by Joey L
LG’s Australian website was hacked and defaced recently.  The hacker team, calling itself “Intra” defaced LG’s homepage with a message:

“It seems as though your website has been hacked. How did we get past your security? ……. What security? ;).”

The breach has been archived by, which is a database of defaced websites.  Most of the time, website defacements are limited to simple vandalism, but it is difficult to tell how deep the hackers have hacked into the database.  In LG’s case, the attacker had compromised the web server hosting LG’s site; the website home page has been replaced completely.  This is consider a deeper hack since hackers are accessing the web server itself rather than a common SQL injection, which exploits a hole in the web application. Usually whenever a website has been hacked via SQL injection or Stored Cross Site Scripting, you would still see the malicious code embedded in the HTML code.  LG has suspended the site until the incident has been fully investigated.

This article shows how weak web security can be.  Hackers can easily use SQL injection or other kinds of hacking methods to manipulate a website. This is why it is never too safe to store your personal information online.

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