Another Window for Hackers: QR Codes{2}

by Joshua L
The article I read for this week talks about how susceptible smartphone users are that use QR code reader applications. QR codes are a relatively new technology and they are apparently really easy to make and modify. This poses a problem for mobile phone users because if they scan a code that a hacker designed and stuck over an existing code on an item, they can easily be sent to a url that is malicious. These codes are very useful but it seems as though they can create a serious issue if the design is not improved. If the technology becomes more universal and these issues are not handled now they can really do mass amounts of damage in the future.

This article was super interesting because I noticed that a few of my friends used this technology a while ago and they were all stoked about it. Now I know that it can be unsafe if hackers decide to use this open window to start developing all kinds of malicious codes for people to scan and just stick them over existing stickers. What I found interesting about this article is how the author pointed out how vulnerable this technology is, but it seems as though there have yet to be any problems with it. He is almost just ranting about a possible threat and giving hackers an idea on what to start developing next.

This article relates to class because is has to do with computer security which is an issue we talk a lot about in class because of the dangers and threats that the malicious software that hackers develop pose.



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