Apache Cassandra Getting Version 1.0{Comments Off on Apache Cassandra Getting Version 1.0}

by Robert D
Cassandra was an open-source database program put together by Facebookers in 2008. Apache picked it up, and asked people what they’d like to see out of it. Three years later, we’re finally seeing Version 1.0. While the program has been in use for large companies (it’s especially popular with corporate giants), it’s only now going to see common use. The program is popular for its scalability and how well it functions across several servers. With the Enterprise version, we’re going to see easier database modification, and data compression tools. It runs on NoSQL and, best of all, it’s free.


It seems like we’re seeing a new generation of database programs pop up. With Oracle going NoSQL, Google dropping the beta for their next cloud database, and many others, I think we’re going to see some rapid changes in database development.

With these new databases, I think we can see a push toward user friendliness, too. Cassandra is known to be a very technical program. I’m sure ease of use was one of the highest priorities when Apache picked the system up.

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Image courtesy http://cassandra.apache.org/