Application Development using Java

by Nelson T
Java is a widely used object oriented programming language. Created by Sun Microsystems, Java is used for embedded devices, the web and other uses. It is similar to C, and C++ but have different learning curves. Java is object oriented meaning “independent Software components to be reused and interchanged between programs”(Greiner, 2011). Source code is compiled by the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and turned into byte code and then interprets the byte code into the host platform’s native instruction set. Java’s byte code is platform independent and is easy to port to other platforms. This is another component that differs from C and C++. Java has become a great programming language for handheld devices and enterprise development. It is well adopted by enterprise developers and Microsoft and sun have agreed to collaborate and work together using java in their products. Microsoft began to support Java on their windows platform and their .NET technologies. They also certified sun server for windows certification. Today they have stopped supporting the technology in their platforms by the end of 2007. The three basic formats that are executed from java are applets, applications and servlets. Applets and Servlets are similar but with servlets, programs are run from the server not from the clients computer or web browser. Applets are downloaded to a clients web browser. Java is open source and has recently been acquired by oracle.

Java is well used programing language. It is the basis for web apps that are found running for mobile devices and web browsers. The mobile operating system, Android, is based off the Java Programming language. From my experience developing simple applications on android, a lot of the syntax and format are very similar to what i have learned from my Java programming classes. For me it makes it easy and faster to learn and  develop applications on this platform. Compared to my experience with XCode for apple’s iOS which is based off the C programming language they are very different and utilize different syntax. I can see how in the article it mention that they can be similar but it takes longer to learn the language used. It great to see that its open source and how it is utilized in our mobile apps, servers and even on our bluray/dvd movies.


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2 thoughts on “Application Development using Java

  • May 13, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    I agree with the article that computer programming languages use the similar formats, but use of different syntax. This is why i believe if you can understand the logic you use when writing code then you can apply that same logic to any other programming software.

  • May 13, 2012 at 10:55 pm

    I tried creating app last quarter still working on it but haven’t made any progress but ya agree with what your wrote above and understanding the logics is the first step in programming.

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