Application of Web Data Mining and Data Warehouse in E-Commerce

by Jungh K
For this week’s blog assignment, I chose an article, titled “Application of Web Data Mining and Data Warehouse in E-Commerce”.  The authors provide overviews of data warehouse and how it is used in E-Commerce environments.  According to the authors, W. H. Inmon, who is considered to be the founder of data warehouse, states that data warehouse is defined as “data collection which is subject-oriented, integrated, and non-volatile and time variant and it is used to support for management decision”.  In the data warehouse, the data is organized to be specific on each subject. Once the original dispersed data are collected and cleaned, the refined data are stored in data warehouse in consistent manners.  The data in data warehouse are rarely deleted or modified even though they are updated in real-time.  The data in data warehouse store historical information and there qualitative analysis allows users to forecast the future tendency.  The authors give examples using customer management modules, which are commonly used in E-Commerce, to demonstrate how data warehouse is used.  In the example, modules are divided into their specific purposes, however; they are set up in a way to provide comprehensive understanding of the customers.

This article complements what we learned in the class lecture this week.  The lecture provided essential background information to understand how data warehouse is implemented in a real life situation.  In my personal experience, I only heard about data warehouse used in enterprise settings.  I haven’t had a chance to utilize data warehouse since I usually don’t deal with large amount of data.  With E-Commerce becoming much more prevalent these days, data warehouse would be used in various fields to serve as managerial decision making tools.  The article lacked what specific data mining techniques would be used for the demonstrated customer relational management system.

Xiaofeng Li; Dong Li; Yuanxin Tang; , “Application of web data mining and data warehouse in e-commerce,” Software Technology and Engineering (ICSTE), 2010 2nd International Conference on , vol.2, no., pp.V2-376-V2-379, 3-5 Oct. 2010
doi: 10.1109/ICSTE.2010.5608786