Automated Data Model Evaluation{1}

by Tuyen H stamp/ stamp.jsp?tp=&arnumber=5967190

In the article “Software tool for automated analysis of conceptual data model,” the authors mention about how to automate evaluating a data model. Data modeling is very important to business because it strongly affects to quality of business database. The idea is using CASE Tool output to process data model evaluation based on transformation of XML form of conceptual data model. In data modeling, there are two main reasoning roles such as:
• Each strong type entity must have at least one or more attributes.
• Each entity must have an identifying attribute.

Combining CASE tool and PROLOG as automate reasoning tools, the authors propose a new process of automated data model evaluation.
This article relates closely with this week topic because it talks about data model and how it important with data base quality. It is really hard to evaluate a conceptual model, so it would be nice if we can evaluate our data model automated. I agree with the authors about quality of data modeling is quality of business database.

When I was in Vietnam, I worked for a consultant company that offers small business computer information system solutions. We always argue with each other about the quality of data model. It is hard to tell who was right or wrong. If we have a automated software to evaluate the quality of our data model, our quality of database will be improved.

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