Automatic measure of landscape diversity from Google earth imagery using open GIS MapWindow integrating with Mapobject using VB{1}

by Kyaw T
A reliable, automated way to monitor land cover changes can significantly help to drive conservation efforts. A system to create a history of changes in Earths land cover can immensely help geoscientists in their research.With more than 200 million users since its release in June 2005 , Google Earth has recently been recognized for its potential to significantly improve the visualization and dissemination of scientific data. Google Earth show imagery in real time which is processed by digital globe and stored in Google Database Server integrating the MapWindow application which is a free, extensible, geographic information system (GIS) that can be used to distribute data to others and to develop and distribute custom spatial data analysis. A customised automated tool is developed to calculate landscape diversity of greenery, building, roads, grounds and so on. It is a tool constitute ofAlgorithms based on Open Source Map Window GIS API, Google API, Mapobject API where user can draw an algorithm to draw a point, line and polygon on JPEG Imagery file and store it as shape file.The purpose of developing such tool is to help user who are unknown to GIS to plot the greenery, ground, building and so on by drawing a polygon as it could be done in paint brush. Area, Perimeter, Fractal Dimensions of different Landscape could be calculated automatically without any interference or knowledge from user.demonstrates that the recent advancements in remote sensing and GIS technologies provide powerful tool for mapping and detecting changes in land use/land cover and it shows  that these modern technologies in conjunction with field observation can be very good tool in showing both land cover conversion and modification. Land use/land cover mapping and detection of changes shown here may not provide the ultimate explanation for all problems related to land use/land cover changes but it serves as a base to understand the patterns and possible causes and consequences of land use/land cover changes in the area.


I heard about the Google earth but never used it before.  It seem like great idea which Google created for people such as engineers or map developers. Since it is a free tool which users can customize and developed to calculate landscape diversity of greenery, building, roads, grounds, people who are interest should use it.


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