AWS Supporting Dynamic Content

by Jim J
Amazon’s web hosting services now can support dynamic content. Dynamic web pages are a critical component of Web 2.0 and are the future of how websites are to be designed. Dynamic web pages are able to update their content on the fly based off of user input and algorithms and thus are able to provide more information that easily updates itself unlike the static web pages of the Web 1.0 era. According to Peter Sayer, “Pricing is the same as for static data, starting at US$0.12/GB (or $0.02/GB after the first 5PB) and $0.0075 per 10,000 HTTP requests.” Though Cloudfront (Amazon’s Dynamic Content) only has 30 locations compared to 100’s CDN’s, Amazon boasts lower setup time for using their service.

Cloud computing and dynamic web pages are all interrelated in being the future of how websites are designed and being the minimum requires for any business wishing to use the web to their advantage. Its a smart move for Amazon to support these up and coming technologies so as not to be left behind its competitors like Akamai.

In terms of databases, they may even have to be update to support larger amounts of data being accessed, changed, and managed that is coupled with the use of dynamic web pages. Technologies like NoSQL or data sharding may have to be looked into to support “Big Data.”


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  • May 17, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    I agree that dynamic pages are a fundamental part of web 2.0 and its good to see Amazon’s progress they have made with their hosting services. It would be interesting to see technologies like NoSQL going forward toward supporting larger amounts of data, it seems other services are already kind of hinting in the direction.

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