Bad SQL Code Can Be Dangerous{2}

by Stefan S
The article talks about how fault SQL code can cause database performance. Poorly structured queries can often go unnoticed until we start noticing the performance going down and impact the business. With CA’s Unicenter SQL-Station, SQL queries problems can be avoided by ensuring that all SQL code is properly tuned.

According to the articles Faulty sql code can cause database performance problems. (2002) Computer Associates International, Inc is a corporation that develops softwares that manages eBusiness. The company launched the latest Unicenter SQL-Station 6.0. Unicenter SQL-Station combines Integrated Development Environment that empowers programmers to rapidly build optimized SQL database code in support of critical eBusiness applications and web services. Unicenter SQL-Station increases the productivity of both beginner and expert developers, accelerating project completion and ensuring the quality of SQL code.

We can relate to this article as we working on our project two. Sometimes our schema and SQL always not sync properly or even sometimes we got an error. As we writing the SQL statement we can notice that it would not run or execute the statement. It can be very frustrating when you have to delete the database first then forward engineer again, as I experienced it in project two.

In my opinion having Unicenter SQL-Station can be very useful and productive just imagine if we working in real data in business world. We can take days even months to fix simple structural errors or queries errors. I wish we have this kind of service like “Unicenter SQL-Station Community Edition” where we as a student can try it out and experience the beauty of the services, it will make life so much easier to execute project two.

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