Banking’s Big Three Sued Over Mortgage Databases

by Steven C
Last Friday, February 3, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sued banking’s Big Three– J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo, for the use of an electronic mortgage database that took part in the nation’s mortgage crisis. According to the article these companies performed  illegal and deceptive practices through this database, called the Mortgage Electronic Registration System or MERS,  which contained false documents used in foreclosure proceedings. Schneiderman said that the MERS was created by mortgage companies in order to evade recording fees, to avoid needing to publicly record mortgage transfers, and to help them rapidly sell mortgages to gain more profits. This helped these companies save 2 billion dollars in mortgage recording fees.

I think this article caught my eye because it shows how big corporations such as J.P. Morgan and Bank of America are using databases to their advantage in very unethical ways, and try to use it to make a loophole in avoiding recording fees made from selling mortgages. These big companies are basically stealing from the government by trying to avoid these county fees in order to gain more money, making those bankers richer while many more people lose their homes. It is very unfortunate that it is too late for those people to get their homes back, but I suppose at least something is done against those companies who have taken advantage of the mortgage system.

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3 thoughts on “Banking’s Big Three Sued Over Mortgage Databases”

  1. I find that it pretty interesting on how useful database can be, were it ethical or not. I agree with you how the bank should be punish for their greed, and every who who bank with them should get some money from those profit.

  2. Wow it’s very interesting how a big corporation can try to save money using a database technique. I bet they have been doing it for a while, but just got caught. So now other banking institutions will be on alert before they too get audited.

  3. We actually talked about this case in business law class and how it it created a legal gray area for awhile. It is hard to apply laws to electronic transactions but it is why so many people are getting away with unethical things in the business. Technology has improved life, but it also helps the crooks.

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