Before You Start, Make Sure You Have an Effective Design

by Jongwoo Y
The article that I chose talks about how important it is to design an effective structure for a database before actually putting it into practice. This means that a person planning to setup a database must actually layout an effective design that can handle everything a business needs or it will be destined for failure. By either creating the blueprints of the database on paper or through a database design program, a business may be able to avoid future problems that can costs thousands or even millions of dollars (Starr, 2009). If they skip to choose this step, businesses may find themselves in a less than ideal situation and be forced to sacrifice valuable resources that could be used on something more profitable . A great way to avoid this type of situation is by using peer review (Starr, 2009).

Reading this article made a lot of sense to me as it talks about things that are common sense. Though it did not offer great insight, the author does set guidelines for businesses that are interested in creating a new database for their operations. It was also very interesting to see that peer review is an effective way to avoid creating a faulty database that is destined for failure, just as it is for us college students on our papers. The author also went on to talk about how he personally also uses many of the strategies that he defined on his own code for his website,

This article basically was an effective guideline for any company that is interested in starting their own database. To be quite honest, it was effective information for any CIS student as a guideline for any of their projects. The importance of effective design should never be overlooked by anyone creating a database.


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  1. I definitely agree. Not only can a business lose a lot money from a poor design or no design at all, but a lot of time in correcting mistakes and well, time is money. Like you said, to most people it is common sense to have a plan before implementing a project, but then again many just want to take short cuts, which in this case can have some costly consequences. Better to be safe and efficient than sorry and faulty!

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