Being an Effective DBA (Database Admin){5}

by Jongwoo Y
Database Administrators are one of the most sought after jobs for CIS majors once they graduate. In the article that I chose today, the author sets up a guide on how to become an effective DBA, while also doing a good job with pointing out common problems that are found within DBA’s that tend to not do so well. Many DBA’s do not try to find the major flaw of their databases when they run into a major problem; instead, they go for a quick fix that can cause more problems in the future. It is a good idea to find the major flaws in a database in order to save time and not run into the same problem in the future. Some of the points the author makes is common sense, however, the last thing he advises DBA’s to do is something that is very useful and something that I have never thought of. The author tells the reader that he must log and create tables/indexes/dashboards that chronicle all of the work that they have recently completed (Lyon 2011). Why? In order to show that they are useful for the company and provide proof of how valuable they are to the company. One of the first departments that a company will go to if they try to “trim the fat” from itself is the IT department. Though this isn’t the best decision by the business, it will oft fire valuable employees that are essential for the well being of their business. Other things the author went over were: Unclear problem definition, Making unfounded assumptions, no structured problem-solving process, and stopping with the first good idea (Lyon 2012).

After reading this article, I was able to discover some valuable tips on how to be an effective DBA. Though much of it was common sense and basically told me to be diligent and work hard, the last tip the author provided was eye opening. It basically told DBA’s to make sure and log all of their work in order to be able to show how valuable you are to a company in the case they try to fire you. This type of advice is not only effective to readers in the database field, but can apply to everyone in the work force today. With the economy in shambles, many people are struggling to survive as jobs are becoming a rarity for millions of Americans.

Much of this article is valuable information and related to the classwork that we have been doing the past few weeks due to the fact that a DBA is the preferable career path for anyone that wants to have a future in the field of database. Though a lot of the guide is logical, I can see it being a very helpful refresher for DBA’s that are starting to feel as if they are not putting enough effort and work into their job. Another thing to note is that many of the points that are specified throughout this article are not only effective in the workplace environment, but can be applied to our class as well.

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