Big Big Data

by Edris B
 Big Data is loosely used term in the database industry. At first this term is seen as so simple it becomes complicated or might be used so general it becomes ineffective. Analyzing Big Data is essential in well-established businesses to help grow and mold the company. Big Data as described by Forbes is “ a collection of data from traditional and digital sources inside and outside your company that represents a source for ongoing discovery and analysis.” (What is Big Data) With the expansion of the information and technology age this becomes more and more relevant everyday. There are even organizations that companies can outsource to do this type of analysis for them. Big Data is a relatively new idea and has been becoming more efficient but, there can still be improvement.

Big Data is an essential part of databases. The analysis of this data has helped companies understand weaknesses and their customers. This is relevant to this class because it shows what the information stored in databases are used for and what it can impact. It is a real life application of the concepts and skills learned in the course. Real life examples are crucial in education to give students an actual concept they can put in process in their own heads to compare and learn in more interactive ways.

Big Data can be used in a variety of ways. It can use unstructured and multi-structured data. Unstructured data is unorganized data that is not easily interpreted easily. For example, text messages, social media posts. Multi-structured data is derived from interactions between people and machines such as web applications or social networks. There is data collected from traditional and digital sources. Although the amount of traditional sources is not as large as digital sources many companies still use these sources to analyze data. Traditional sources can include financial records and product transaction information.

Big Data is used in business that keep track or possess a lot of data information about their consumers, websites, and other parts of their company. This is usually more evident in large franchised companies. Small mom and pop shops do not really utilize this process because they do not possess large amounts of information. Also the cost behind it is not worth it for the level of data they hold. For large companies like McDonald’s or WalMart, Big Data is not the reason they have so much profit but it helps. It helps find weaknesses and ways to improve efficiency that may not be as obvious to see.

Big Data has turned more information more quantifiable into data. Big data is also characterized by the ability to render into datamany aspects of the world that have never been quantified before; call it ‘datafication.’” (The Rise of Big Data) An example that was used was location has turned into data. Longitude and latitude has been datafied. This is an interesting topic because it shows exactly how far information and technology has come. With the amount of new data being created Big Data can help find exactly what is causing or understanding correlation between different variables. Although there is a lot of good comes from studying this data there are some problems as well or places to improve on.

There has been movies that have displayed some conflicts with having quantifiable data in our daily lives. In George Orwell’s “1984” he describes an government ran country that watches their citizens constantly and control their lives called “Big Brother”. Many people fear that their privacy will be crossed because companies or the government will be collecting data on every move they make. The reason companies would want to do this is because the more information they have possibly the more profit they could earn. To the general public they do not want this much information themselves out in the public. Another problem is, although, Big Data can answer a lot of questions for us. It usually answers the question of what is causing the dilemma. Answering this question is the basis to start more study on a problem but, in reality the real goal would be to find out why.

Big Data is a new creative science that can help growing businesses grow faster if used effectively. It can also help our country in fight against global problems such as climate change and air pollution. “Big datais a resource and a tool. It is meant to inform, rather than explain; it points toward understanding, but it can still lead to misunderstanding, depending on how well it is wielded.” (The Rise of Big Data) There are many problems that are difficult to solve in our lives and Big Data can help start a foundation to find solutions by providing a point of attack.


















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