Big Data and its Effect on Businesses

by Andrew S
This article was a very interesting read for me, it mainly talked about big data and how it is growing in data analysis.  With the infinite amount of data on the Web, data consultants are in high demand to make sense of all the data.  It also talks about how data is the new class of economic assets, as it can serve to be a valuable tool for big companies.  Facebook and Google are just some of the online conglomerates that harness the data of the Web with their own advertising.  It talks about what exactly is Big Data, which is a marketing term for the advancing trends in technology, and how it affects the digital age today.  There are many ins and outs of the influence of data in today’s digital age and this article just touches on the surface of it.

I thought that this article related to what we learned in class because Big Data is transforming how big businesses conduct themselves and their target audience.  Such an example is Facebook and how there are ads that are relatable to its users based on their interests and activities.  It is just one way for companies to gather raw data and convert it into meaningful knowledge that could help increase traffic within the business.  This creates a need to completely revamp the organization and modeling of a business in order to better comply with these ongoing changes.

I really enjoyed reading this article because it is an example that I can see happening right now with my own two eyes.   There have been numerous ongoing changes with the Web as technology is evolving.  It has become much easier to for businesses to gather information and data on people than it was a decade ago.  As such, businesses are adapting to this change with changes of their own.  In order to adhere to the changes of the Web, companies have put in more time and money for Web data as opposed to data that they retrieve in person or through the phone.  As with the ever changing advances in Web and technology, there are clear changes in the way companies run their business.

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3 thoughts on “Big Data and its Effect on Businesses

  • October 7, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    Good read. We are living in data world right now, everything is data. Companies try to gather data from you as much as they can, they will use gathered data to benefit their business. Therefore, the data is a key for many business. As data growing significantly fast every second, quality of the data is also very important. Business should have their data quality control in order to apply data to their actually business.

  • October 7, 2012 at 7:48 pm

    Its interesting to see how the article defined Big Data as just a term to describe “advancing trends in technology.” I think the most interesting thing I read in the article is that companies seem to be analyzing everything about you, even the pictures that you are posting, to get really detailed profiles of your habits or interests and tailor their offerings to you in a really specific manner. But as the article states this trend is going to be really good for businesses because they will have more detailed data to base their decisions off of.

  • October 7, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    I definitely agree that data is an important economic asset. Every business collect tons and tons of data and rushes to make use of it. With the lowering cost of data storage, there really is no limit as to how much one company can collect. Hopefully new the new technologies out there will help with the understanding of this so called ‘big data’.

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