‘Big Data’ concern and confusion{Comments Off on ‘Big Data’ concern and confusion}

by Quoc L
Companies are not prepare for the influx of data coming into their systems. These ‘big data’ is hammering these companies systems and yet most employee still don’t know how to deal with it. Those that understand the important of ‘big data’ do not have the require tool to efficiency manage these data. A survey conduct by Echelon One, finds that most companies does not put, managing big data in the fore front of their operations or does not know what it is. The survey was collected from a multitude of industries, such as manufacturing, educations, governments, healthcare and many others. Responses was taken from a director level or higher. Those that do manage big data are not using the right tool to monitor and manage it. They would use separated spreadsheets and/or another databases for it. I find it interesting how important these data is to companies but they do not seem to care about monitor or managing it. These data can improve security or provide insights on improving the companies. Only 49% of all the companies that are surveyed, are concern about big data. However they all know how important data is for their companies. It seem like these director level employees are only look at the short term management of the companies only.

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