Big Data.. .the new job source???{3}

I picked the article that talks about how the big data boom is expected to generate large numbers of IT jobs in the US by 2015. According to Gartner, an IT researcher, predicted that there will be around 1.9 million more IT jobs but the unfortunately the issue will be that there aren’t enough trained people to take over the jobs.

I thought this article was interesting because it remarks the importance that learning new technologies has now. We are in an era where technology is advancing constantly and as informational technology students it is indeed important to commit ourselves to continue updating ourselves and take classes like the database management we are in today to be able to grasp the basic concepts of data management to be able to take over the new jobs. We need to learn the core concepts of data management to have a solid foundation of data and how to manage it in large quantities.

As we know, big data is data that is collected and analyzed. The jobs that are emerging are mainly to be able to manage and be able to create ways to turn the data into big revenues. For that reason, Garnet says that big data is expected to create around 4 million IT jobs around the world where about half of them will be based here in the US and only about a third data jobs will be filled.

I think this article connects to the class in a very organic way where it gives us another perspective on why we need to learn database management and such topics being learn in class.  It shows the importance of knowing how to work with data at a business level where according to the article about 25% of the organizations will be having a chief digital office by 2015.

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