Booyah Selects VoltDB Database{Comments Off on Booyah Selects VoltDB Database}

by Alexander V

The article was about how VoltDB was selected by Booyah, Inc. for use in their real-world gaming platform. VoltDB is a “leading provider of high-throughput relational database management systems(RDBMSs).” It was created for organizations that have reached the limitations of general purpose SQL databases. It is the ideal database solution for companies that want “high velocitydatabase applications that require 100% accuracy and real-time analytics.” Booyah, Inc.’s real-world gaming platform uses real-world signals such as location-based check-ins, to  inspire new gameplay. They have more than 20 million users who play their games and require a database that can receive and manage large amounts of simultaneous data input at high speeds with 100% accuracy. VoltDB was chosen because their RDBMS/DBMS met Booyah, Inc.’s requirements. The VP of Engineering at Booyah, Inc. said that “VoltDB’s unique capabilities allowed us to get all the benefits of a Key/Value store,significantly reducing the bandwidth requirements for our mobile games.”



The article related to this weeks topic of relational databases. I found the article to be an interesting read. I did not know that there were different types of databases that had different types of uses. I think it is important for a game who has users of that magnitude to have not only a fast but reliable database to handle user data. After reading about VoltDB, it seems that Booyah, Inc. probably made the right choice in this context. It would have been nice if the article provided information regarding other companies that Booyah looked at, if any, before making the choice to go with VoltDB. I don’t know much about different database companies and the niches that they fill but I assume there are many other companies who create high performance databases for games.


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