Box Implements New Features

by Tyler K, the popular cloud-storage company, has developed and implemented several interesting new features this week, primarily catering to their large businesses (according to the website, 82% of Fortune 500 companies use Box). The features include a new company-wide search feature, a new dashboard feature marketed towards the enterprise side, security locks and whatnot for mobile devices, and an enterprise licensing agreement. The features are meant for larger companies, as the features will allow for greater ease of access to enterprise-wide files (assisting in reaching regulatory compliance, as well as allowing for better regulation of information).
Since a major feature of the update involves enterprise-wide search features for the cloud-based data storage system, I felt it was fairly relevant to the search features introduced to us in class. In addition, any aspiring CIO in this class will certainly have to deal with the reality that regulatory compliance is no joke, and we have to ensure that our company is up to par with how compliance is dealt with. Also, the idea of visibility somewhat relates to how we’ve been working with system architectures, and Box certainly had to develop a certain structure that would allow an entire enterprise to work with files, without introducing a fear of tampering with said files without permission.
The article is relevant to our class, as it develops the notion that cloud-based storage may become the central component for information in many companies, more as time goes on. As such, it would be prudent to understand how to work with cloud storage and maximize the potential of major players in the field. After all, keeping up with the curve of Information Systems is a great way to keep your job in the field of MIS.

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  • May 27, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    I love Box, I signed up when there was a promo and I have 50GB free, I use it all the time and I love how I have access to my data from wherever I am, its especially useful as a college students, the extra features are an icing on top.

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