CA Modernizes Mainframe Computing{Comments Off on CA Modernizes Mainframe Computing}

by David G
The company known as CA technologies has modernized and updated its mainframe software to help companies manage and cut down time and costs. One of its softwares is the Mainframe Software Manager or MSM. It now simplifies software installations and configurations which can take more than a day. Another software CA ENDEVOR which manages the source code of applications, has been changed and modernized to resemble the popular Eclipse IDE software. Also updated has been CA Sysview Performance Management, which is an application that manages the performance of other mainframe computers. It now cuts processing time saving costs on IBM Z mainframes. CA also uses zIIP to cut processor time on its Database Management Software. It also features more automatic tuning tools and reporting statistics.

The way CA is taking new steps to keep mainframe computing relevant in this new era of cloud computing is intelligent and productive. They are keeping themselves relevant and seem to be updating their software according to their customer’s needs. The fact that the main point of their updates its to cut costs and time in setting up and processing is a huge plus. Those are in my opinion the top priorities for companies in that field.

There is no better way to make a company happier and more productive than cutting their costs and making them waste less time with their resources. I am astonished CA has 234 mainframe programs. I know we use the ERwin software for our class but I am sure that is just a small application compared to the dozens of other applications they offer businesses. I know that they usually charge for their applications so that is why I am not to familiar with the other softwares in their library. It is interesting to know however that they are keeping up and competing in the industry with advancements and updates.

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