CA Technologies supports ERwin Modeling Tool using Cloud Database{1}

by Davina V
CA Technologies, in an effort to make data integration easier for businesses resting in “on- premise and cloud systems”, has added support for Mricosoft’s SQL Azure cloud database to its CA ERwin data modeling tools. Sadly the author lowers the quality of the article by advertising the new ERwin 8.2 slightly in the article. This article also mentions the potential growth of the use of cloud databases in businesses by quoting Donna Burbank. The quote said that “about 10 to  15 percent of businesses are using cloud databases to day, about 75 percent are interesting in their potential use” (Whiting, 1012).

I thought it would be interesting to know because we just finished project 1 using ERwin and project 2 uses SQL and the article mentions CA Technology adding Microsoft’s SQL Azure Cloud to support its ERwin database.  It seems like what we are doing on project 2, and it was interesting for me to find an example of the application that we did in class happening in the business world.

Whiting, R. (1012, February 02). Ca adds cloud database support to erwin modeling tool. Retrieved from