CA Technologies-The Future of Data Modeling in the Cloud{1}

by Alexander H
John Heywood once said “two heads are better than one”. In our ever growing world of technology, this quote is quickly becoming the normal standard for the creation of products. From simple brain storms to application development, thinking in groups allows a broader range of ideas to flourish. This concept is being implemented by CA Technologies, the developer of our ERwin Data Modeler, with the help of the cloud. The ERwin software allows a user friendly approach to data modeling and is consistently utilized for data structure management. However, CA Technologies wishes to take this tool one step further in the form of three various releases that aim to take data modeling into the cloud. The first update has enabled “integration and management in Microsoft’s cloud environment”. This allows the data to be in a single area when share in the cloud. The second release in the trio is the CA ERwin Web Portal which is an “interface that allows for data architects to build their database models” in such a way that business and IT users can access the material. Finally, the ERwin Data Modeler r8.2 was altered in ways that accommodated the sharing premise, such as the availability of concurrent licensing agreements.
Being one of the programs we utilize in class, it is important to note that this is a professional program that successful businesses utilize in order to model their databases. I believe this article highlights the importance of cloud computing and how it can revolutionize how a company models its data. A group of database architects may be able to build a great database. However, if the development of the database was distributed and shared throughout various companies, whether they are sister companies or simply have a similar focus, the ideas from all areas can benefit the company immensely. This also leads to consistent data modeling throughout various companies and break free from the confines of the company for new and fresh ideas.
The main concern I have, as noted by senior director Donna Burbank, is the security of such information in the cloud. The models created could be potent in the hands of competitors if they ever got a hold of the information. I believe that overtime, the issue of security with cloud computing will be fortified and made more secure. This key element will open the lines for worldwide collaboration and I think that CA Technologies is taking a step in the right direction as technology progresses.



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