Changing The IT Playing Field{1}

by Anthony T
Interestingly enough construction companies are seeing and contributing to the change in the field of IT. Data centers being built today, according to Mortensen Construction executives, are at a much larger scale than they once were. One particular data center worth mentioning is the Switch which boasts 400,000 square ft. It’s size allows many different cloud providers to run their operations inside this enormous data center. Software development companies, such as Smith Electrical Vehicles, which process large amounts of data are becoming aware of the computer capacity of the new age data centers. Traditional IT infrastructures can no longer handle the needs of companies like Smith Electrical Vehicles which is why data centers like the Switch are becoming more and more popular. This trend of large scale data centers is directly related to the growing needs of enterprises in terms of computing.
A common topic both in this article and in this weeks lecture was database schema. The article mentions that companies have had to design their schema by means of schema redesign and sharding to enhance application performance. The concept of sharding really grabbed my attention. Turns out this concept refers to process in which you can break your database down into small pieces and then send it to multiple servers.
Having read this article I now understand one of the major trends that is happening in the field of Information Technology. As an IT undergrad I feel that articles like this one are very useful in helping students like myself understand that in order to be successful in this field we must also be aware of how the industry is shifting away from traditional corporate environments.

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