Choosing the right tools for a database{1}

by Edwin T
The article i read goes over the basics of a database and what people need to know when considering implementing a database for their business.  The author talks about database design and management and also recommends software to make the process easier.  Under the “Databases Defined” section of the article, the author goes over the entities and attributes and how relationships can be established between entities in order to share data.  The products that the author recommends are FileMaker Pro 11.  With this anybody can create a database or ad-hoc report.  If the user is a bit more familiar with databases then the author discusses Microsoft Access 2010 and Alpha Five v10 Developer to create highly customized solutions using the databases as back-ends.

I found this article to be relevant to me because we’re currently learning how to establish relationships between entities in order to connect and share some of the attributes found in each individual entity.  Although i’m not too familiar with the software the author recommends other than Microsoft Access, i found this article to be informative, especially for the beginners in databases.

The author also included the current listing price for each software product she recommended.  Its unfortunate that Erwin did not make the list, but then again Erwin might be in a more advanced category.

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