Cisco Wants To Light Up Data Centers{1}

by Toan T
The article that I read talks about how Cisco is planning to purchase Lightwire, a new company that makes optical technology for high-speed networking similar to fiber optics. The deal will cost $271 million for Cisco. Good thing is expected from Lightwire as Cisco believes that the small high-speed silicon chips that Lightwire uses to transmit data via pulses of light instead of electric signals will come in useful. Cisco wants to bring optical networking technologies into data centers by creating high-speed yet affordable switches. With fast data centers, they can allow the end users can access and retrieve large data sets.

Cisco’s latest investment might be the next step that can help bring fiber optic networking in to the consumer level data centers. As technology is growing, data is also growing in term of size. Having fast performing data centers might help when dealing with internal development but when there is a need to retrieve data remotely from one network to another, even the fastest data center won’t be able to do anything when the network capacity is limited.

I like how Cisco is trying to make optical networking a more affordable choice for many consumers because optical has always been expensive and the companies that offer these services often have their own proprietary hardware which means limited choices  . If Cisco can successfully create optical switches then we might see smaller companies start to utilize them and that high-speed networks won’t just be limited to large corporations.

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