Cisco’s the Best. For Now.{2}

by Mike Y

            This article from Information Week looks into the best rated data center networking vendors, new technology, and what companies are looking to do with regards to their datacenters. According to their vendor evaluation, over 70% of the companies surveyed will “likely have newly designed networks within three years.” This is partially a result of better technology leading to cheaper hardware. Some vendors such as Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, and Juniper the proprietary technology route. Other companies like Arista, Force10, and Extreme are concentrating on cost to performance ratio. At this point in time, Cisco is the highest rated company for product performance and product reliability, but not by much. With changes happening over the next few years, any vendor has a chance to outdo Cisco.

            This is important because the choices companies decide to make regarding data application development is directly affected by the options they have from vendors. Companies will take into consideration what language and database architectures to use. The vendors that appeal to the most amount of companies while maintaining a competitive price will have the best chance at gaining marketshare.

            The choice that the company makes for their database and network will directly affect how the company operates on a day to day basis. It will affect how fast customers send and receive information for web based business such as For companies that use database and networks within the company, how secure and reliable will be a big point for vendors to consider. Because cost is always a factor, I think proprietary technology will have difficulty gaining market share especially in an age of open source models.

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