Cloud Computing, Benefits and Faults{1}

by Nicholas T
The article that I reviewed wrote about how to implement a cloud infrastructure into a high speed railway system in China.  As with many who speak about implementing a cloud infrastructure, security was the primary concern and hesitation.  One concern regarding security was that of access control.  Who would be able to have access to the information stored on the cloud and how would one prevent others from accessing it.  Another concern was that the technology of cloud computing is still in development.  There are not a great deal of documentation and standardization of the technology.  A third concern that the author brings up is that of data control, maintenance, and monitoring.

In my opinion, cloud computing is great for the smaller business.  The ones who cannot afford or may not need the large computing space that a enterprise would require.  Security is not as big a factor because their information may not be as threatening if someone were to acquire it than say a Fortune 500 corporation’s information.  However, even for a small business, there were several concerns other than security that the author briefly mentioned.  One of the worries a smaller business may have is long-term viability.  How long will this cloud provider be in existence. Another concern is one that was stated above, who will have access to the information, who will maintain the information, and who will monitor the information.  In short, will your information be secure from inside the data-center.

For a large corporation, I believe there is not a great enough benefit in regards to the security risks involved.  Sensitive information being stored in an external data-center creates more of a risk of information being intercepted.  In many cases, data-centers are also stored in other countries which creates the issue of differing laws and the ability to retrieve information or hardware for legal reasons.  Another issue is that of information being lost or leaked and the company providing the data-center possibly not coming forth in the attempt to keep the client.  There are many more issues that can also arise from relying on an external source. 

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