Cloud computing creating jobs

by Ricardo C
Cloud computing is a great option for business since it alleviates the cost of IT. A recent study by Microsoft shows that cloud computing is important for job creation, especially in the banking industry because cloud-based IT innovations take the burden of application maintenance off of IT staff, so they can allocate the resources and applied them to more critical projects within the organization and innovate and create jobs in other areas such as sales, finance, production and marketing. The study says that companies spend on average 7% of their total costs in IT, the banking industry spending the most with 14% of its total costs. The study demonstrates that cloud computing’s goal is to drive this percentage down.

The study also addresses that the reason why this number is so high is because companies are using legacy systems and applications and migrating to cloud-based applications will be more efficient and will reallocate capital to the growth of different areas which allow the organization to expand.

The context of this article explains the benefits of cloud computing and how businesses need to update to newer technologies in order to gain competitive advantage. Cloud computing allows companies not only to collaborate with internal employees, but also to engage and share information with partners and vendors which improves its CRM. I think cloud computing will create a lot of new jobs in any industry because organizations are adapting their databases to improve the communication with their partners by sharing selected information to make the SCM more visible and working more efficiently and attracting more customers.

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3 thoughts on “Cloud computing creating jobs”

  1. What you said about cloud computing creating jobs is true, however doesn’t it also replace other people jobs too. While I believe that newer cloud computing technology will create more jobs it is also replacing older jobs too. I believe that newer technology will always create new jobs, but the bad side affect is it is removing or eliminating some older jobs too.

  2. Cloud computer will create jobs and keep the existing ones because it would take off some burden from the IT staff and also reduce costs and give the organization the opportunity to expand which more personnel will be needed to operate the additional facilities and unnecessary IT staff from the original facility can be reallocated not laid off.

  3. If small and medium size companies do switch to cloud computing, I think most of the IT professionals in the those companies will likely be reduced but not eliminated. How can it be any other way?

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