Cloud Computing Keeps Growing{2}

by Daniel M
The article i read was about how Cisco is saying that cloud computing traffic accounts for about 11% of all data center traffic. The article says that by the year 2015 Cloud computing will account for roughly 34% of all data traffic. Last year alone cloud based data exchanges clocked in 130 exabytes, which is approximately 139,586,437,120 gigabytes. Cisco has predicted that cloud computing will grow 66% annually. This would mean that by 2015 cloud services would see 1.6 Zettabytes each month. To put this into perspective, Cisco said that 1.6 Zettabytes is equivalent to 22 trillion hours of music, or 1.6 trillion hours of online HD video streaming.

I found this article both interesting and shocking. Obviously the demand for cloud based databases and other cloud based programming is going to sky rocket of these facts hold true. I knew that cloud services were becoming large but i had no idea of how large they have become and how much larger they will become. I definitely have my reservations about cloud services because too many people believe that their data is safe just because they pay some company to store their data. All it takes is for something to happen to their servers or, in the case of MegaUpload, the government to come in and take all of your data. Then you no longer have the data that you stored. Im sure as the need for cloud services grows, the security will also become better.



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