Cloud Security Problems

by Renee L
In his article “Addressing Cloud Computing Security Issues,” Dimitrios Zissis explains some of the risks when dealing with cloud computing. Despite all of the great features that cloud computing offers, your data may not be safe. Some of the issues involve privacy, especially when numerous parties, devices, and applications are all accessed to the cloud. For example, instead of your data being stored on a server that you know, it could be stored on a service provider’s server, in which it could be stored anywhere from all over the world. Another threat would be the cloud’s infrastructure. The cloud’s architectural design brings many risks because of its security, redundancy, and high availability. In addition, since data is traveled through a network, network traffic may occur, which could lead to data modification and data interruption.

In relation to the class, a cloud service serves as a database in which it allows users to store and grab data in and from a ‘cloud’. Databases can also be used with cloud computing and with it, the database is provided with many benefits. As we have discussed in class, scalability and high availability are a few advantages that we would want in a database, and cloud computing can offer that. However, data security is very crucial for any company or even to a user, and should be addressed and solved as soon as possible.

I, myself, have not used a cloud computing service yet, but I heard it’s very convenient and effective to many users out there. This article is very informative, and it gave me something to think about when dealing with cloud computing. It also made me aware of the risks involved in cloud services.


Zissis, D. Z. (2012). Addressing cloud computing security issues. ScienceDirect28(3), 583-592. Retrieved from

2 thoughts on “Cloud Security Problems

  • May 27, 2012 at 11:34 pm

    not knowing where my data is stored can be kinda alarming. Many factors can affect the data in that server such as laws and regulations in that country and who or what company manages it…

  • May 28, 2012 at 12:19 am

    That’s kind of scary, If someone or the cloud provider takes some sensitive information you have in the cloud you use, and they were in a different country, it could lead a tough battle on international grounds. I think it would be a good idea for cloud service providers to tell you which server/datacenter and server/datacenter location your data is stored in.

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