Coming Soon to a Business Near You: Microsoft SQL Server 2012!{4}

by Jongwoo Y

“The biggest improvement is that it’s been infused with a set of new features designed to handle larger workloads — whether on premises or in the cloud.”(Preimesberger, 2012)

This is definitely exciting news for the IT sector as the database programs are constantly evolving with the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2012. This new release will be able to help businesses become more efficient in their practices with better technology and more exciting features. Businesses will be able to utilize these new features that will help with their cloud technology and the ability to better handle “big data”. New features of SQL Server 2012 include new storage options that will help with the analysis of large workloads (Preimesberger, 2012). For example, the new version includes an in-memory column-oriented database to improve analytics performance (Preimesberger, 2012). Microsoft actually ended up reaching out to Hortonworks, a company that created “Hadoop”, a popular cloud environment program, in order to implement an effective big data analytics feature. This will definitely help with the sales of the application, as big businesses are always in desperate need to find better ways to analyze their big data. This new Hortonworks service will enable consumers to gain relevant insights from complex data stores hosted in cloud servers by being able to merge data from SQL Server 2012, Excel, and other office applications into each other (Preimesberger, 2012). April 1st cannot come soon enough for many companies and their IT departments as database applications are becoming more efficient and filling the gaps that have been created with the rising popularity of cloud computing.

This article was very interesting to read as I had no idea that Microsoft was actually releasing a new version of SQL Server. Hopefully this new version will be able to help businesses organize their data and further implement different forms of cloud computing. It is very nice to see that Microsoft actually has paid attention with the database needs of bigger businesses by adding more features for “big data’ and cloud computing. Another thing that I found interesting was that Microsoft actually worked with an outside company, Hortonworks, in order to provide the best product for their consumers. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction for Microsoft and they are able to recuperate the funds that were invested into Hortonworks by pulling off this bold move.

To be quite honest, this new version of Microsoft SQL Server doesn’t really entice me that much. This is due to my limited knowledge of database applications and how confusing 2008 already is for me. I hope to one day learn the new features that 2012 provides, but until then I will probably stick with 2008. The 2012 version seems to highlight the inclusion of new “big data” features and cloud computing, two huge factors in the business world today. I also hope that these new features come with added security, as cloud computing and “big data” are known to be very popular targets for many hackers. I hope nothing along the lines of the Sony incident last year and the Zappos incident earlier this year occur to anyone in the near futures.


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