Compromised Data Quality by Malware{Comments Off on Compromised Data Quality by Malware}

by Eric C
In an article from PCWorld entitled “Symantec warns of malware targeting SQL databases,” there has been a spread of malware infecting SQL databases around the world. Although not a serious threat, it could pose to destroy data quality within the database. Originally targeted to Iran, the malware called W32.Narilam, looks for Microsoft SQL databases on the infected server. If Microsoft SQL is found, the malware then finds specific keywords from a file, such as account and financial bond, and then replaces those keywords with random characters. Database administrators who do not make frequent backups of the database will have corrupted data and the loss of data integrity, which could prove disastrous for customers’ data, especially in a banking database.

There are many important concepts to realize when it comes to creating and maintaining the quality of the database and that includes data quality. Data quality is very important to make sure integrity of the data is not comprised. Having good data quality can allow companies to trust the data they have and make thoughtful business decisions that rely on such data.

It is interesting to know that many companies’ databases are very vulnerable to being attacked by outsiders and inflicting damage or stealing information. It is very important to keep a backup of the database just in case anything was to happen, especially in this case for sensitive data. As in this case, since the quality of the data is comprised, the data that a company may use is no longer useful for either the company or the customers.


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