Connecting Databases to Their Applications{Comments Off on Connecting Databases to Their Applications}

by Robert D
The listed article goes on, in length, about how the access layer and database layer of a database application work together. Database applications have been in heavy use for decades, and DBMS have made their scripting increasingly more different. Over the long period of time, this has caused more and more separation between DBMS’s, and it’s getting increasingly harder to work with the differences. What we’re left is, is a database layer and application layer, written in two different languages, and with different coding for the same application between different DBMS’s.

The solution the writers suggest, are sets of algorithms designed to map data to the access layer. This would unify coding between the two layers, making it much easier to manage both of them–especially in the event that one changes, and the other has to be modified to suit the changes.

Melnik, Adya, Bernstein. “Compiling Mappings to Bridge Applications and Databases”