Consistency in database naming

by Daniel M
The article i read was about proper naming standards for data modeling. One of the most important things that the article says is that you need to be concise and clear when naming your entities. This allows for people other than yourself to be able to understand what is being named and how you have the structure set up. The article also says that an abbreviation list should be used if you are abbreviating the names of entities. this will allow you or anyone else to go back and look up what you are referring to. The organization that you are working for should also have a clear process in place of how to create new abbreviations. The article also talks about how there should be a consistent rule in place of where to put hyphens if you are using them. There also should be a standard set if you are capitalizing anything in the names, whether it be the entire name or just the first letter.

Basically this article was all about being consistent and having rules set up for your naming of entities. This is very important to us as a class because setting the foundation for naming at the very beginning will allow us to create good habits and not have to try to change the way we name stuff in the future. The other topic that this article brought up was to make sure that the organization that we eventually work for has a clear cut naming standard set up so that all the developers can easily understand and use the same naming process.

The other reason this article is important is because it stresses consistency in naming. If you name one entity Customer First Name, don’t use Cust_last_name as the last name. You need to keep a consistent naming standard. If you don’t use an underscore in the first name, then don’t use one in the last name. If you capitalize all the first letters then you need to keep it that way through all the like entities. Consistency is the key.

Article Reference

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4 thoughts on “Consistency in database naming”

  1. Great article. Hopefully mine was as clear as yours. I have been reading about naming conventions and database structures and they all agree that the more simple they are the better. When its simple its easy to understand and easy to remember and should eventually should come second nature to us when we are assigning names to our entities. It should be logical that the more we practice this concept the better we will be at it. I also noticed that there will be standard naming conventions that we will learn in class that we will use throughout our careers. I look forward to how our professor will go about this.

  2. Agreed with Bernard, definitely a good article. I feel like this applies to many different applications, even going back to some of our former classes. Using programming, naming and how consistent your code was had a huge impact on the outcome of your project. Everyone seems to have there own style of naming though which makes it hard to compare at points but I hope it comes clearer as our courses continue. Hopefully we touch on this in class!

  3. This article is very useful and I agree with everything that is said.Consistency is key, especially when naming entities.When naming, you want to be able to use names that are easy to understand and consistent with your other naming conventions. I also agree with the rules for using abbreviations. Organizations just have to make sure that they have clear policies in place and consistency should not be a problem.

  4. Reading this article made me think of some pretty funny situations that a company could be put in if they were to mess up with their naming scheme. The article was great and it provided a lot of great reasons why consistency in naming is so important.

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