Create An Effective Data Model For Your Database{1}

by Toan T
This article talks about how a newly developer such as myself that have never build database before can build an actual database that is functional and efficient at the same time. Database development of today is somewhat different from what have been done in the past, companies are often cutting costs which mean that the modeling process might require heavy modifications. This article provides the fundamental concepts that can help anyone create a data model that fits his/her needs.
There are three stages to developing a database: Planning, Design and Deployment. In the real world when a database will be used for a single application, planning usually receive less attention and most of the work lies within the design and deployment phases. The article also heavily emphasize on three concepts that would help create a more logical quality to the data that would promote re-usability. Conceptual Data Model or CDM for short is a effective data model that heavily emphasized on business rules. This usually includes ERD that help describe the business steps that occur within an organization. In other words, data is created and attributes are identified. The second model is Logical Data Model where the database involving CDM is taken and get translated into an empirical layout of the data. This is when the all the data that was from CDM get transferred and then process by applying them into a normalized layout. The last model is the Physical Data Model where everything that was developed in the last two models get brought together into a final layout of tables where columns, index and constraints are defined.

I find this article to be very relevant to the stuff that we are learning in class. Knowing how to create a database is one thing but to be able to create a database from a logical aspect is something that requires a lot of steps and knowledge to identify the appropriate data needed that will make up a functional and efficient database.