Creating a Stolen Phone Database Would Decrease Theft

by Hoyoung C
According to Jared Newman, the wireless carriers are trying to make the stolen cell phones useless. They are planning to create a database that contains all the records of phones that were reported to be stolen. If a phone gets stolen, it can be reused by another person by reactivating it with a different service plan. What the wireless carriers are planning to do is store information such as the unique device identifiers so that the phone doesn’t work even if people try to reactivate it with a different plan. The only problem with this plan is that if the phones get shipped overseas, it would still be usable since other countries would not have the same database.


I think that this is a good way to reduce the theft of smart phones. Since the database would keep track of all the records of stolen phones, thieves would lose their purpose to steal phones. Even if they have stolen the phone, they would not be able to do anything with it since it is recorded in the database. I think this would also reduce the number of false reports, such as people claiming that they have lost their phones and being given another phone from insurance when they actually sold their phones. I think that this would overall decrease the number of crimes being committed that has to do with cell phones.

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2 thoughts on “Creating a Stolen Phone Database Would Decrease Theft”

  1. I do not totally agree with the decrease in the number of crime in this case. To be honest here, I think most of the time when people steals a phone, the thief will use the phone instead of trying to extract the data in the phone. Of course there will be those people that tries to retrieve personal information on the phone. Think about this, what would you do when you see one of those latest phone just lying on the ground? Will you retrieve personal information and try to gain access to his/her accounts online or will you just take this new phone you got and use it? I think the stolen phone database will only prevent identity theft kind of issue, it will not decrease the amount of phones being stolen.

  2. But that is the whole reason why they are planning to create a stolen phone database. If you read the article, it specifically talks about stolen phones from being reactivated. Phones have their unique ID, so if it is stolen and you report it, the carriers sharing the database would block the phone so that it would no longer hold any value as a phone. So even if you picked up a new phone lying around in the ground, if the phone is on the stolen phone database record you won’t be able to use it as a phone. The database is not related to stopping people retrieving personal information from other people’s phones but is to block out the stolen phones so that it can not be re-used by other people unless it’s returned to its owner.

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