Daily DBA Monitoring Tasks{Comments Off on Daily DBA Monitoring Tasks}

by Quoc L
To keep your SQL server up and running, daily maintenance and monitoring is require. In this article the author provide some tips top keep your SQL server in tip top shape.  This tips is highly recommend to all DBA, to perform. Verifying that all the services is up and running. Monitoring your SQL agent jobs, whether they successfully run. List all jobs that have failed in the last 24 hours. Monitoring database your backups for any error. Listed all the database that fail to successfully backup itself. Check the event log. Check the SQL server ERRORLOG. Check disk space availability because running out of space during a critical time is can be job threaten. Lastly be proactive about your monitoring task.

It good practice to learn how to keep your database up and running early on so that you can be prepare for any disasters in the future. Preparation is part of keep a business successful for the unforeseeable future. Some of these seem like common sense that all DBA should do. It important for us, CIS student to know how to prolong out database.

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