Data Management for Science Field{3}

The journal I read this week is called “Portable Data Management Cloud for Field Science” by Yuma Matsui and Aaron Gidding. The author basiclly talks about how data portability and accessibility important in modern science field, espcially in archaeology. These days, cloud computing system has provide great computing infrastructure for many scientific fields that have to work both in field sites and the lab.Moreover, data portability brought the fields with great accessibility for their data. The author talks about how efficiently exchange their data for analysis between work sites and their lab via portable data management system.

Since modern sciences requires decent software to work with, and some science fields also require work in both in site and their office, data portability and accessibility are very important to have in these fields. Modern sciences require more and more computer power as they go on. Therefore, I think data exchange proficiency is very important in these fields.

I think the topic is pretty relevant because in this computer field, most of the time we work with other teams or groups. It is very rare for us to work alone. The journal very clearly talks about what technologies to use nowadays for exchange data more quickly and accurately. It is very important for us to know.

IEEEXplore (2012) Portable Data Management Cloud for Field Science from California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2) by Yuma Matsui, Aaron Gidding, Thomas E. Levy, Falko Kuester, Thomas A. DeFanti.