Data Mining in Social Media{1}

by Joe C

This article talks about data mining in social media, in which companies such as Facebook or Twitter are able to gather data from their users through the information, posts, and other activities the users provide. This type of information gathering is emerging to become a great source of information on upcoming trends and opportunities, however the data has to be harvested and analyzed correctly. While there is a great deal of information, the amount of useful/relevant information compared to irrelevant noise is as little as 20%. Being this way, these companies have to utilize highly advanced artificial intelligence to sift through the noise and retrieve only the useful information. As technology advances, these AI systems are able to perform tasks such as match newly created profiles to old preexisting users in the database to form a more complete profile of a possible customer. This is very useful as it acts like a real-time automatically updating CRM system.



This article is related to the topic of the week of database/data mining. It talks about how data mining techniques are becoming more advanced, and can build customer profiles from multiple databases, and merge them together with just as little as one email address. This allows a company to collect a bit of information at a time about a user from multiple different websites and come up with a more complete profile about this one individual customer. I believe this is a really strong tool because it reduces the error of having duplicate accounts by a significant amount. In addition, self posting social media sites such as Facebook offers a great deal of incentive for individual users such as ourselves to post info about ourselves to share to our friends, all of which can be harvested as data about us that we normally wouldn’t share.

I feel that this is a great advancement because through the use of these advance artificial intelligence systems, it not only changes the process from manual to automatic, but it also increases quality and accuracy of the data. CRM systems used to require manual inputs from the minimal data customers provided, and there is always that human error that people can mess up every once in a while in data entry. With automatic software, all these steps are automated and can transfer automatically from another site into your database. On top of that, the software learns to ignore irrelevant data and can match up multiple profiles that happen to be the same person. I believe that at this rate of advancement, it’s only a matter of time before social media sites such as Facebook will be able to have full real-time knowledge on exactly what consumers want and are looking for.



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