Data Modeling Online Help

by Jorge R
The main focus of the article explains how a web based data modeling tool for teaching and learning data modeling, is being introduced to students to help them understand the concept between normalization and ER diagram. They explained that textbooks have portrayed conceptual data models by using ER modeling and normalization ,and relational models by using both. “The Web based data modeling tool is developed using a Java applet…”. The applet contains specified fields in which the user enters functional dependencies. The applet will then normalize the dependencies submitted by the user. There is also an option to normalize the database, by “Step by Step”. This will display a window showing the step by step normalization process as well as having the option to draw an ER diagram.

The applet can be found at:

This is a very informative article that is relevant to the class, because we are starting to learn and draw ER models. This program will be beneficial to reinforce the concepts learned in class.

Kung, H., & Tung, H. (2010, December 2). A WEB BASED TOOL FOR TEACHING DATA MODELING. Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges. Retrieved January 22, 2012, from

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  1. I love this idea, because right now I am scratching my head over project 1. I think this would be an ginormous benefit to students and people who simply have an interesting in this kind of development.

  2. Wow, that applet is pretty neat. What a fantastic hands-on approach to learning data modeling concepts! Speaking of data modeling tools, eclipse also functions as a data modeling tool.

  3. This applet is very neat. Great hands on as well. Han Chan do you know how it would work on eclipse? given that eclipse is use for java coding.

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