Data Modeling the First Step of Database Design{Comments Off on Data Modeling the First Step of Database Design}

by Tuyen H
In the Article “Why you want to be good at data modeling,” (Schumacher, 2011) Robin Schumacher writes about how important of Data Modeling in the design phase of Database. According to his article, many big projects cost many years to complete because of Data modeling and design are not taking serious in overall system development as they should be. Therefore, as database designers, the designers should take carefully first data modeling as the first step instead of physical design. He also recommends that if you carefully work on data modeling step, your physical design and implementation will much more easier. Moreover, a good data modeling will help you on the maintenance later. In conclusion, there are many data modeling tools to help us in data modeling such as Entity Relationship Model and MySQL Workbench, so choose your tools and take seriously on the first step of database design.

This article relates to our course about data modeling. I totally agree with Schumacher about how important of data modeling because Data modeling is the bridge between the business and database. If we do not take seriously this step this bridge will be broken. Therefore, data modeling can be considered as the back- bone of the database system.

Traditionally, we use the E-R model for our data modeling, and there are many data modeling tools that we can use such as Microsoft Visio, Erwin, and MySQL Workbench. As a database design, I usually use Microsoft Visio to build my data model because it easily to use and provided by my company. However, as a student I really want to study how to use Erwin to build my ER Diagram because I think that Erwin is more professional than Visio.

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