Data Quality Information

by Ming X
The article I read is called the impact of experience and time on the use of data quality information in decision making. “Data Quality Information (DQI) is metadata that can be included with data to provide the user with information regarding the quality of that data.” The article focuses on how the experience of the decision maker and the available processing time influence the use of DQI in decision making. Chengalur-Smith et al. (1999) define data quality information (DQI) to be metadata that addresses the data’s quality. Chengalur-Smith, Ballou and Pazer (1998) explored the consequence of informing decision-makers about the quality of their data. Their project studied two formats of data quality information (DQI), two decision strategies, and both simple and complex levels of decision complexity. Their study found variations in the amount of influence across research design.Organizations wishing to begin a program of using DQI should be aware of the fact that there was a lack of consensus when experts were presented with DQI. Organizations can predict that the addition of information about data quality to a database is likely to change the decision made, but it cannot predict what that new decision may be.

The results of the study provides strong evidence that people with broad general experience use DQI much more than novices use DQI. The studies also show that people with content-specific experience make even more use of DQI than those with broad general experience. Time-constraints had little effect on the use of DQI in decision-making. However, the perception of time pressure did influence the use of DQI in decision-making.

Every day, poor data quality impacts decisions made by people in all walks of life, people who are not always aware of the poor quality of the data upon which they rely.


Fisher, Craig W; Chengalur-Smith, InduShobha; Ballou, Donald P.
The impact of experience and time on the use of data quality information in decision making,Information Systems Research14. 2 (Jun 2003): 170.

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  • December 2, 2012 at 11:48 pm

    It is interesting to learn that DBA’s knowledge base extends beyond his or her experiences with database itself. I read somewhere that many of DBAs start out as analysts (data, financial, so on) before becoming the full time DBA. I guess the reason is that to become an effective DBA, one needs background knowledge and experiences in the specific industry.

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